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RSSOwl RSS Reader für Windows, Mac und Linux 0

RSSOwl ist ein sehr bekannter RSS Reader für Windows, Mac und Linux. Das Projekt wurde Ende 2003 auf Sourcefourge gestartet, gehört also zu den älteren Readern, die aktuelle Version 2.1.2 ist vom Sommer 2011. Funktionen von RSSOwl unterstützt RSS und RDF in den Versionen 0.91, 0.92, 1.0 und 2.0 PDF Export einer Seite möglich das […]

Pears RSS Reader 0

Pears is a three-pane newsfeed (RSS/RDF/Atom) aggregator which caches downloaded feeds for offline use. It has a clean, uncluttered interface, it's easy to use and works on Windows, Linux and MacOSX. You can extend its functionality with plugins. Download the Pears RSS Reader Download Pears

Newsmonster RSS Reader 0

Be aware, that Newsmonster is currently not able to be downloaded!! Please check the other aggregators. NewsMonster provides a very clean and useful interface to RSS feeds directly in Mozilla or Netscape. Advanced features like searches are missing, though, and one update schedule must fit all.

Bottomfeeder RSS Reader 1

(please note, that we have switched our website from to this website, please change all links to the new website) Download Bottomfeeder Windows Mac OS Intel Linux (and FreeBSD) Sparc Linux PPC Linux BottomFeeder is a program that aggregates (brings together) RSS feeds from multiple websites. A RSS feed is a special kind of […]

Blogbridge RSS Reader 0

All the information you need…When and where you want it. BlogBridge is for true info-junkies who want a better way to wrangle all their RSS feeds from blogs and news into one pretty cool organizer. But it’s also for people who need to learn things on the fly and want to stay current on select […]