Rol RSS Reader for Linux

Rol is a simple application for reading RSS or RDF feeds such as those produced by many news sites or weblogs. It is not intended to do anything more than display the headlines and allow you to choose which to read in your web browser. Rol is written on Debian GNU/Linux, but it should work on any POSIX system.

The latest release was 0.3.1 (source). You can read what’s new since the previous release in the ChangeLog.

Download Rol 0.3.1 here



 - Use GConf's C++ bindings. 

 - Rewritten with gtkmm bindings.
 - Refresh button added and works.
 - Use scrollbars when necessary.
 - More in-depth README
 - You can add a new site and refresh and it will show up. 
 - Follow the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines, to the the greatest degree applicable.
 - Added Config::write to remove gconf calls all over. General reorganization 
   of Config and its use. 

 - Updated SITES
 - Added base dir Makefile -- clean up for initial Debian packaging.

 - Removed x_cleandir stuff.
 - Cleaned up the man page slightly.
 - README: Explained some of the coding decisions
 - Moved source to src
 - Run browser in background.

 - config.c: Use tables and frames for Preferences. I'm smarter now.
 - rol.c: No more double opens!

 - Fixed a bug that let old sites be cleared when adding new ones. (Yes, this 
   is another in the long series of "I really fixed it this time" releases)
 - Disabled the "Delete" button in Preferences because it doesn't work yet.
 - Added a utlity that almost, but not quite purges the GConf config.
 - Added SITES
 - User-configurable browser
 - Default value in Prefs. for number and browser
 - README: Added free software notice.

 - Now install by default in /usr/local/bin instead of ~/bin
 - Now contains a manual page.
 - Made "Refresh" work again, I think. I'm a fazool.
 - And made the counter for adding new sites work. I'm a huge fazool. Sorry.

 - Some smartening of the use of Sites in the preferences dialog.
 - Now includes the current value of the fields in the dialog.
 - Adding more than 1 new site actually works now.

 - Don't try to remove the timer before it's added.
 - Make the "close" button work in the Preferences dialog.
 - Make everything in the Preferences dialog work.
 - Switched from InterCaps to under_scores.
 - Code cleanup.
 - Working configuration system (GConf-based)
 - Switched to C++ (sorry!)

 - Fixed stupid bug that made "Refresh" crash.

 - Began configuration system, using GConf (sorry, but I don't want to write 
   yet another configuration file parse!)
 - Removed some studidities that caused warnings. Tidy tidy.
 - Attempted to add GError error handling.
 - Spawn galeon with the link when clicking on it.
 - Don't show a column with the URLs.

 - Added rudimentry command-line parsing.
 - fillModel() -> appendToModel() -- more accurate.
 - Supports RDF documents, too (Slashdot and Gnotices are examples of RDF).

 - Added ChangeLog and TODO. 
 - Changed the default sites, including my LiveJournal :)
 - Added my email address to the copyright notices.
 - Added "Refresh" option & button (changing the GUI and the functions used 
   to load sites).

 - This is the first release. The program was started the night before. 

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