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About Straw

Straw is a feed reader aimed for users using the GNOME desktop. You subscribe to news, blogs, and podcast feeds and read the feeds in the comfort of your desktop, with or without online access.

The goal of Straw is to be an easy-to-use feed reader and one that is integrated with the rest of your desktop. It should support the capabilities provided by the desktop as well as not being hard to users when it comes to usability and in terms of providing functionality.

Feature Highlights

  • RSS and ATOM support
  • Support for enclosures
  • Export and import of feed list from OPML
  • Offline reading of blog and news (and other) feed content
  • Support for grouping of feeds (categories)

Straw version 0.27 released!

  • Added hooks to NetworkManager to detect network status
  • Support for feed enclosures (Leandro Lameiro)
  • Improved key shortcuts (Andrew Conkling)
  • Fixed close button bug in the About dialog (Wouter Bolsterlee)
  • Added button to find tab to go to back to main view (Leandro Lameiro)
  • Use stock icons for connect and disconnect
  • Set default browser to empty instead of empty string in GCONF schemas (Leandro Lameiro)
  • Bugfixes by Ryan P Skadberg
  • New Arabic and Dzongkha translations (GNOME i18n Team)
  • Updated translations by the GNOME i18n Team


Download Straw 0.27 here

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